Whatever we do, our most important goal is and will be your satisfaction. This applies to cost benefits, too.


Our aim is not short-term profits, but a long-term-relationship with our clients, which is built on trust – Trust in our professional competence and assertiveness, when it comes to your legal interests.

Nevertheless, attorneys offer services and incur own expenses and costs. And like any other paid services, an attorney´s legal advice cannot be provided free of charge.


Good legal advice is priceless! 

Professional advice is always beneficial, because good legal advice can save you a lot of time, money and stress. Considering that, legal issues can be a burden, since most people are laymen in terms of legal knowledge.


We spare you this burden, because we are the one that makes your law applicable – instead of you.

So it is always advisable not to refrain from getting legal advice just because of (supposed high) costs.


It goes without saying that all expenses and costs will be pointed out prior to the service being provided and claimed. We assure no unpleasant surprises !


Did you know ?

Attorney fees are regulated by the Lawyers' Compensation Act (RVG). Still, it is possible to make an agreement about the costs. If there is no agreement made between lawyer and client, the RVG determines that the amount of attorney fees are related to the object or dispute value and the scope of activity.


It is the litigant losing the case, who takes the risk of having to pay his own costs and national rules require him to shoulder the winner's costs, too. In addition, a legal expense insurance can cover the litigation and legal-defence risks. So our legal assistance consists of presenting you the risks by asserting the right, too. Only then, we believe, you get an opportunity to make a clear decision.